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Scan your glasses to get your prescription details.

The lens scanner tool makes it easy to get your prescription details right from your current glasses. 

All you need is:
  • A current pair of glasses

    You’ll need a pair you can still see clearly with and that has a single-vision prescription.

  • The hello eyes app on your smartphone

    Download our app to start your free scan. We’ll give you all the instructions there. 

  • A computer with a 12" - 27" screen

    We’ll pair your phone with your computer to complete the scan. It’s so easy.

  • A standard-sized card

    The scan uses any standard-size card with a magnetic strip, such as a library card or membership card, to help with scaling. 

Your happiness, guaranteed. 

Our Hello Happiness Guarantee means you can use your lens scan results to shop with confidence. If you’re unhappy with your new prescription lenses for any reason, we will gladly redo them for you or issue you a full refund within 60 days.

Card Image
Get your prescription details in minutes!
Pair your devices.

Download the app on your phone. The app will provide you with a web address that you’ll enter in a computer search bar. Follow the steps to pair your devices.

Scan your glasses.

Follow the instructions on your screen to scan your glasses with your phone's camera. Audio instructions help you get the angle right.

Get results instantly.

As soon as we have a clear reading of the prescription details on your glasses, you'll get your results! There's no wait time.

Download the hello eyes app to start scanning now.

It only takes a few minutes to scan your glasses, and you’ll get your prescription details immediately—all for free! 

What if you need a new prescription instead? We got you.

Take a vision exam on your iPhone for just $XX and get a new, doctor-issued prescription within 24 hours.