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Our brand is founded on a simple belief

Vision care should be affordable and accessible

For everyone, Everywhere.

The most complicated part of your eyewear is not the shape or the color or the style. It’s your prescription. That simple set of numbers makes it possible for you to see the world clearly. And once you know it, you have choices. Where to shop, how much to spend, and when to buy.

But let’s face it. Getting a new prescription is a hassle. You call to set an appointment, wait a week or two to go, drive across town, sit through the exam, then you’re expected to purchase on the spot, onsite from a limited selection of overpriced brands.

Here’s the thing. You should be able to take a vision exam and get a new prescription, try on glasses from home, and then have your favorites delivered to your door. That’s exactly what Hello Eyes makes possible.

We make getting your prescription, ordering new glasses, and restocking your contacts simple, easy, and convenient.

As vision industry experts, licensed optometrists and ophthalmologists, engineers, and user experience specialists, we’ve designed a different kind of vision care.

We’re a virtual vision center, where you take a vision exam and get a brand-new prescription any time you need one, using a convenient app on your smartphone, all verified by an eye care professional. Where you always own your prescription, including how you get it, how you update it, and how you use it to shop. Where you discover glasses and contacts through a simple and intuitive online shopping experience with transparent options and pricing. Where you try on styles virtually or at home and make decisions only when you’re ready. No pressure. Where you can address all your vision needs on your time and on your terms. It changes everything.

Getting your glasses or contacts is fast, easy, convenient, and affordable. You feel good because you get exactly what you want — without the BS.

The best part: this new technology that makes vision correction more convenient and affordable for you also makes it accessible to billions of people worldwide who never had access before.

When a vision center goes fully mobile,

the barriers get a lot easier to overcome.

In the past, the only way to bring access to vision care into remote areas required individual eye doctors to pack bulky, heavy optical equipment and safely transport it to the people in need. But when a vision exam can happen on a smartphone, access stops being a problem. It becomes an opportunity.

Last year, a group of our associates visited Uganda and used the vision exam technology to test the visual acuity of over 1100 children there. With the vision exam technology, that required nothing but a few smartphones, we were able to provide prescriptions, along with a brand-new pair of glasses, to every kid who needed them. And we’re just getting started.

this is vision care, your way.

Accessible doesn’t just mean easy. It also means equitable. And for us, that means helping more people get the vision care they deserve, wherever they happen to be. Whether you’re on your couch or out in the big wide world, we hope you find something here that you love.

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Hello Happiness Guarantee

You should love your new glasses and contacts—but if you don’t, we’re here to make it right. We can redo your prescription, swap out glasses to improve the fit, or refund you simply because you’ve changed your mind.


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